Gallery- Portraits and People


These drawings and paintings are either

1. hand-drawn from scratch using a stylus on a tablet screen.

2. started as a painting or drawing on paper, which I scan into Procreate and then draw on top of them digitally with a stylus to add details, lighting, or glow.

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Digtal Portrait by mars nap art black and white
Ink drawing of girl holding firefly jar by mars nap art
ink drawing icy beard ski goggles snowboarder by mars nap art
gandalf drawing the grey pipe fan art by mars nap art
girl galaxy eye kid looking at night sky nebula by mars nap art
Spartan race night sky galaxy by mars nap art

2. Traditional:

These paintings were made with artist quality watercolor on archival Arches watercolor paper / Drawings are done in graphite on high-quality acid-free paper.

IMG_8401 (2).JPG