Painting your memories

You know those items that you just can't throw away? These could be keepsakes from a special trip or time in your life. Maybe you have treasured items from a loved one.


Sometimes these items end up tucked away in the attic or basement. Dust them off and display them with a custom illustration that will bring you joy every time you see it.


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About the image: This is a Memory Box illustration for a friend with three boys. These are the stuffed animals that never left their side as they grew up. They look worn out in the best way, like they are deeply loved and treasured!


As the young ones in my own life grow up, I am both excited and slightly sad at how fast it flies by. This is a nice way to grab on to those moments and commemorate something so treasured.

stuffed animal painting by mars nap art

Three Lovies, 14" x 20", watercolor on Arches cold press paper