sign your kids up for mars art camp!

Hi there you amazing humans who are now tasked with keeping your kids busy and occupied in the house all day while still having a ton of other stuff to do! This is for you.

While working at daycares and pre-schools, I realized that if you have a lot to manage - the best art projects are the ones with minimal set up/clean up, but a longer working time for the kids where you don't necessarily have to be in vigilant "watch-where-you-go-with-that-cup-of-paint-please" mode.

The plan is to release a project at least twice a week for you to do with your kiddos at home. The main features of these projects will be:

  • Materials you likely already have at home

  • Simple set up and clean up, but long working time with less oversight

  • Customizable for a wide age range

  • Ideas to tie the project in with other subjects/topics

If you want to be updated on each week's projects - check out the facebook group: Mars Art Camp

Now here is the cool part! If you want to have something personalized to your child(ren) - contact me in the Facebook Group Mars Art Camp with the ages of your children and their interests and I will put together activities specifically for them. That way, each of the activities I release will be dedicated to a certain child/family!

Happy creating,