Bunny Hopper - Mars Art Camp - Activity 4

Hi campers! 🐰🐇

⭐✨Welcome to your second week at Mars Art Camp!

This Bunny Hopper kinetic craft is easy to make and uses the simple materials that you have around the house. Makes a nice Easter craft or spring craft for all ages.



  • Bunny Feet template (there is also a human foot and chicken foot template available, just know that I haven't tested these out yet!)

  • Duct tape (or packing tape)

  • Scissors

  • Stick (skewer or twig from outside - look for one that is strong, straight and can fit into a straw)

  • Straw (I used a paper straw)

Steps (see video)

  • Print out the bunny template. Color it in with whatever designs and patterns you like!

  • Cut out feet, cut the straw in half, cut the stick in half.

  • Tape the straw to the back of the foot - closer to the top (you want the base of the foot to touch the ground at all times)

  • Tape the sticks to the inside of the wheel (duct tape).

  • Slide straws onto sticks.

  • Find a flat surface and hop away!

NOTE: There will most likely be a process of trial and error. This is a great opportunity for critical thinking and problem-solving. You can help guide your kiddo to solutions or make suggestions, but see if you can encourage them to come up with their own ideas too! The successful roll is so much more fun after making lots of tweaks to get it just right. Build resilience and confidence!

Also, I did experiment with TP and PT rolls for the inside "wheel" in case you don't have duct tape or packing tape - but I didn't have much success with that.



Happy Creating!

See you next time,