coffee filter flowers

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Hey there friends! For today's activity you will need:


  1. Coffee filters

  2. Washable markers (water-based, like Crayola!)

  3. Paper plate/newspaper or paper towels (for the filter to dry on)

  4. A stem: get creative looking around your house - I used incense sticks (for the added benefit of my flowers smelling good) but you can also use pencils, pipe cleaners, wooden skewers... look around those junk drawers!

  5. Connection: I used twisty ties, but you could probably use rubber bands too!

This beautiful spring project is beautiful and simple enough to enjoy making at any age. The coffee filter really resembles the delicate petal and texture of a flower! Watch the video below to learn how to do this easy and fun DIY craft with your kids!


1. Color filter in with blocks of color. You should use water-soluble (washable) markers. (If for some reason you decide to use permanent or alcohol-based markers, use alcohol instead of water for step 3)

2. Fold in half, quarters, and eighths to form a wedge.

3. Wear gloves and wet with water or spray bottle

4. Set out to dry on paper plate or cardboard, opening it up after about a minute or two

5. Find a stem! Scavenger hunt time. Be creative! (Some ideas: chop sticks, pencils, I used incense! Tell me what you use in the comments)

6. Scrunch filter from the middle, and attach to stem with rubber-band or wire twist ties.


As promised, here are some ways you can tie this lesson in with other subjects.


Talk about fractions while folding the filter

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Why did the drawing change so much?

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Reccomended books:

Grade 1-3: From Seed to Plant (read aloud on youtube)

PreK-2nd: The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle (read aloud on youtube)


Research parts of a plant: create a diagram and label it


Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy spring craft!

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