DIY Projector - MARS ART CAMP Activity 7

Hi everyone! Welcome to week three of Mars Art Camp. I hope you have tried out some of the activities and are having some fun! If you haven't yet, please join us at the facebook group for daily activities, tutorials, and a welcoming creating community!

Check out this super easy to make DIY projector that you can use for viewing constellations or shining a bat signal on your ceiling!


  • Toilet paper or paper towel tube

  • Template (in Files tab of Mars Art Camp)

  • Plastic wrap or clear packing tape

  • Tape or rubberband

  • Flashlight (phone light works great!)


1: See the video below! If you are going to use the symbols/shapes, put plastic wrap over them and trace with a marker. If you are using the constellations, cut them out and then poke a hole in the dots. (Cut larger than the circle so you have something to tape down)

2. Attach to the tube with rubber band or tape

NOTE: You can also use something bigger, like a pringles can if you want to do a more elaborate design!

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Happy Creating, Mars