Drawing Lesson - Erasing Weather

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Hi everyone! I finally feel like I've figured out a groove for these drawing lessons - so please let me know if I'm on the right... track... and no I didn't just say that because we are drawing a hurricane today! 😋

I am building the curriculum for a comprehensive drawing course so feedback is helpful. Also need to choose a platform to release it - so if you have taught or taken an online course please let me know what platform you preferred!

Thank you! Please enjoy:

Part 1: Rainy Sky + Cloudy Sky

Part 2: Tornado + Hurricane (coming soon!)


  1. Pencil

  2. Eraser

  3. Sharpener

  4. Tissue/q-tips

  5. Optional: black marker, tape for outside edges

Basic instructions (see video for full tutorials)

  1. Sharpen your pencil a LOT and dump all the pencil shavings on your paper. Use a tissue to blend in small circles until your entire picture is grey.

  2. Use the eraser to erase the clouds, rain, lightning, tornado, and hurricane lines into the paper! For the details of each drawing, please see the videos below. Part 1 has the rainy and cloudy sky - and part 2 has the tornado and hurricane.

  3. Use a black marker to add contrast to the darkest shadow areas.

PART 1: Cloudy Sky + Rainy Sky

PART 2: Hurricane + Tornado

Happy Creating!