Life on MARS: Vectors, finally!

my first logo drawn with vectors!

Happy to say that I now have the software to create vector images - which is a technical way of saying I can create crisper + cleaner logos that can be displayed at any size without losing resolution!

If you are wondering: What is the difference between raster and vector images, and why should I care... click here!

I have created a handful of logos, including my own, in Procreate, which is a raster-based program. This works, but it is not ideal since logos need to be resized for different purposes from business cards to websites and more. And no one likes a pixelated logo.

My main digital art tool right now is my iPad, so I ended up going with a program called Affinity Designer. Here is why:

  1. Creative Bloq and others gave it great reviews

  2. It is $20! For the value of this program that's insane.

  3. There are amazing tutorial videos for Affinity for iPad thru their website

Since I am self-taught in graphic design and digital art, I understand the value of an amazing tutorial. So far I have been able to find all the answers to my questions on their page!

Mars Nap Art Logo (vector)

PS: I was finally able to make the edits on my logo that I have been wanting to make!

The raster version of my logo was okay, but at smaller sizes, the line weight was a problem. Also, while the stars on top looked great at large sizes, they looked like a barely noticeable blur when viewed smaller.

I decided to keep the shapes pretty much the same, but added an outer glow.

For comparison, here is the older version, created in Procreate:

Mars Nap Art logo (raster)

Now that I have the knowledge and software to do logos right, I am offering my services to the public! I will be creating a post soon about the process of hiring me for logo design and what you can expect.

See you later,