Life On Mars: WONDAZE

What in the world is a Wondaze?!

I was talking to a fellow artist recently about our long term goals: One day we will get our work in a local store, one day we will make tutorials...

It didn't take us long to realize that "one day" magically morphs into a month, then a year, then a decade. So this month, I decided it was time to slide on my slippers and tackle some of my "One Day"s, and my wondaze list was born!

Here is what I tackled this month:

1. Printing my own art on paper and stickers

2. Filming time-lapse videos

3. Reaching out to venues who display local artist's work

I guess the key is to just DO THE THING, start chipping away at it, knowing that it won't be flawless. And trust me, it will be clumsy. And that is okay! If you want some more details about the things I tried this month - keep reading. If not I will send you off now with a Mission from Mars...



A N D D O I T .




1. Art prints at home: wtf is an ICC profile?

I had to learn about things that seemed overwhelming at first, get new programs and apps, research and buy high-quality paper, the list goes on. But to be honest, when you just tackle it one step at a time - it is not overwhelming at all. If you would like to read more about this process, click here.

2. Filming Time-Lapse videos: advice from a beginner

I want all the fancy equipment! I do! But if you read the article above you realize I've already invested all that I can this month. Next week I will write about how I'm setting up something "good enough" for a beginner on a budget. ✌

3. Art IRL for introverts

I don't have a ton to say about this one yet, because I am just on the first step and there are a few things developing. So check out Life on Mars in the future to see where this one goes!

That's all for now! I'll be back soon.