q-tips and potatoes - mars art camp activity 5

Hey everyone! For this activity, I wanted to show you 2 of the ways you can create beautiful paintings without a paintbrush. I demonstrate how to use a potato stamp and q-tip bundle, but there are many more household objects you can use to paint with. I challenge you to come up with some of your own!

Please consider using your designs to create cards for the people you aren't able to see right now due to social distancing. Let them know you are thinking of them!

For spring, I decided to create a leaf with my potato stamp, and some lilac flowers with my q-tips - but the possibilities are endless!

Since potato stamps are usually made by carving with a knife, kids aren't usually involved in that part. So for this activity, I experimented with carving out parts of the potato with a pen or toothpick (in this case, the veins on a leaf) and it came out beautifully. You can also use a cookie cutter to press down into the potato and then chip or carve away the outer edges.

For the Q-tip painting, all you need to do is hold a few cotton swabs together with a rubber band and start painting!

If you decide to make the lilac flowers, be sure to mix some lighter paint and use it on one side of the flower cluster to create an illusion of light and shadow as you see in the video.

Video music by https://www.fesliyanstudios.com/

Happy Creating, Mars