shine on! - mars art camp activity 3

Hi campers!

I thought this would be a great activity for Mars Art Camp because it has so much potential to be personalized based on age, interests, and learning goals. The best part is, you only need the simplest materials to make this happen.

You can create a beautiful scene to view with your flashlight, but you can also use this as a lesson for letters, numbers, sight words or counting.

For example, "Can you find the letter "a" with your flashlight?"

"Can you use your flashlight to count all the ladybugs?"

"Find the square"

For older kids and adult artists, this technique can be used to illuminate parts of an intricate scene or reveal panels of a simple comic.

Seriously, the possibilities are endless for both art and learning.


  • Flashlight template or draw your own - Flashlight Drawing Tutorial

  • cardboard (thin works best - like a cereal box)

  • zip lock bag

  • black paper cut to the size of your bag (or color a piece of paper completely black if you don't have any)

  • white paper

  • markers (washable, permanent, or dry-erase so you can do unlimited scenes)

  • glue or tape (I used gluestick)


  • Print out the flashlight template or follow along with the drawing tutorial video. Color it in with whatever designs and patterns you like!

  • Cut out the flashlight and trace it on a piece of cardboard (thin cardboard like a cereal or pasta box works best).

  • Cut out the cardboard flashlight and attach your paper flashlight to it. Ta da!

  • Now its time to make your beam of light! Repeat the same process with the beam of light template or draw your own! If creating your own, remember to add extra at the bottom to attach to the back of your flashlight.

  • Once your flashlight is ready - you can begin to create your scene. Using markers, draw whatever you want on your bag. If you are using dry erase markers, you can change your scene again and again.

  • Now cut a piece of black paper to fit inside your bag (or combine two pieces if your bag is huge!)

  • You are ready to use your flashlight to illuminate your scene, letters, or numbers!


Brief Video

Full Tutorial w/ Flashlight Drawing